Wedding Events


Wedding Proposal

Surprise is the best element to induce happy tears and a YES!
Looking for a way to nail this without having to plan and execute personally?
Afraid that she might find out what you’re up to?
Leave it to our planners to create a great surprise!



Engagement Party

Looking for something heartwarming and romantic?
Announce to the world that you’re marrying the girl of your dreams!
Have a special celebration with close family and friends just because.
Our event planners have special venues and unique ideas just for you!

R.O.M (Registration of Marriage)


Looking for a romantic place to be announced man & wife?
Legal procedures do not have to be strictly held at boring venues!
Who says R.O.M. day has to be just another ordinary day??




Wedding Ceremony / Tea Ceremony


Gate crashing, tea ceremony, cultural ‘pantangs’ dos and don’ts, our planners know them all!
Looking for a hassle free mood on your wedding day?
Look for us and consider it done!


Church Weddings

Special moments are meant to be shared with special people.
Special vows are meant to be made at special places.
Let us help you in finding the church of your dreams!

Wedding Receptions / Dinners

Who wants to be rushed and frustrated on their wedding day?
Who needs panda eyes and sleepless nights before their big day?
Have radiant skin on your big day!
Leave the planning to our professional planners!