Corporate Events


Annual Appreciation Dinners


Have many collaborating partners, suppliers, sponsors and staff to thank?
Planning to have a grand celebration as a sign of appreciation to everyone that has made the company grow and flourish?
We have all you need to make your celebration a special evening!
Call or email us now for more information regarding our ideas for a grand night!


Award Ceremonies


Giving out special awards to special people
who have achieved milestones?
Too busy to come up with new ideas for an awards presentation night?
We have all the right people to make it work.
Collaborate with our event planners to have a special evening
for those special people you want to reward!


Team Building & Training Seminars


Want to boost the morale and team spirit of
your department/company staff?
Looking for training companies to handle and plan interesting activities?
Innovation is the key to training the best staff!
Let our certified trainers help you in planning and organizing a great success!



 Charity Events


Fundraising and donations are some of the best ways to contribute to our society.
Get interesting ideas on how to create awareness and get more sponsors for your charity event!
Our best planners are here to help you with creative ways to give more!


Holiday Getaway


Looking for other way to thank the contribution of your staff members?
Everyone in the company is looking forward to a break from work and go on a vacation together?
Our event planners can help you plan an affordable yet enjoyable holiday!